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Phillips County Economic Development Corporation is a resource-driven catalyst for economic development throughout Phillips County. Located on the beautiful high plains of northeastern Colorado, Phillips County’s primary industry is agriculture and it is one of the most productive farming and ranching regions in our country.


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Propelling Phillips County’s Economic Growth

Since our establishment in 2000, PCED has been dedicated to advancing the common economic objectives outlined by the visionary leadership of Phillips County. We have proudly collaborated with local Chambers of Commerce, youth and service organizations, regional partnership councils, private businesses, as well as local and state government divisions.

As a resource-driven catalyst, PCED actively contributes to the overall economic growth of Phillips County. Our mission is centered on providing essential resources and information to create jobs, retain and expand businesses, and encourage the development of youth apprenticeships and entrepreneurship.

Empowering Progress

Our commitment to empowering progress is exemplified through initiatives that actively contribute to a thriving future for Phillips County. Through strategic partnerships and targeted programs, we champion job creation, supporting local businesses in expanding their operations. By facilitating these connections, PCED plays a pivotal role in building a future where economic growth is synonymous with community prosperity.

Unleashing Potential

Dedicated to unleashing the untapped potential within Phillips County, PCED focuses on fostering economic excellence in every facet. Through comprehensive support for local businesses, we have empowered entrepreneurs and expansion companies to innovate and develop in our region. By nurturing and harnessing the potential of businesses, PCED ensures that economic excellence becomes a defining characteristic of Phillips County.

Transforming Tomorrow

PCED emphasizes youth engagement and strategic partnerships. Collaborating with the Homegrown Talent Initiative, Ogallala Commons, and local businesses, PCED is able to promote interactive and uniquely designed educational paths for our youth through paid internships in our county and competitions for youth entrepeneurs to earn start-up funding. Fostering a vibrant, self-sustaining future for Phillips County is the key to our tomorrow.

Cattle Herd in Sandhills of Phillips County
Downtown Haxtun Colorado
Garden Growing in Phillips County
Arial Photo of Holyoke CO

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