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Phillips County, comprised of Holyoke, Haxtun, Paoli, and Amherst, represents the quintessence of rural living in Colorado. With a shared commitment to community pride and a peaceful way of life, these towns collectively contribute to the rich tapestry of Phillips County, embodying the essence of small-town charm and close-knit living.

Nestled on the picturesque high plains of northeastern Colorado, Phillips County thrives as one of the nation’s most productive farming and ranching regions. Renowned for its exceptional schools, diverse educational offerings, extensive healthcare services, and adept access to technology, the county provides a welcoming and clean environment for individuals and families as well as expanding and new businesses.

Phillips County takes pride in offering a wonderful quality of life, complemented by local events, festivals, recreational activities, and abundant wildlife. While opportunities for boating, camping, fishing, and more are accessible within a one-hour drive, bustling urban communities are just two hours away. Residents here relish in wide open spaces, traditional values, cultural and social equity, high-quality schools, recreational pursuits, and, most importantly, breathtaking sunsets and starlit skies.

Amherst, CO


Population: 252

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Haxtun, CO


Population: 949

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Holyoke, CO


Population: 2,416

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Paoli, CO


Population: 46

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Amherst, CO

Situated nine miles northeast of Holyoke on Highway 23, Amherst revolves around the Amherst Cooperative Elevators, symbolizing the cornerstone of the local economy with its impressive grain storage capacity of 7 million bushels—the largest facility of its kind between Denver and Omaha. A town landmark and Colorado historic site, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, built in the early 1900s, draws many visitors with its original stained glass windows and a meticulously restored schoolhouse. Amherst stands out as an ideal place to raise a family, offering a serene escape from city life.

Amherst Colorado
Haxtun Colorado

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Haxtun, CO

Haxtun stands as the focal point of one of the nation’s most productive farming and ranching regions. Some families in the Haxtun area continue to cultivate land homesteaded by their relatives over a century ago. Positioned at the crossroads of US Highway 6 and Highway 59, approximately 30 miles from Interstate 76, Haxtun proudly embraces its identity as a “Small City with a Big Heart.” Boasting excellent school systems with championship sports teams, progressive healthcare facilities, and a flourishing business community, Haxtun warmly welcomes visitors to explore the subtle beauty of Northeastern Colorado’s plains and consider becoming part of this stable and productive community.

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Haxtun Championship Baseball Team
Event in Haxtun CO
Haxtun Town Hall in Phillps County

Holyoke, CO

Founded in 1888, Holyoke is branded as the “City of Pride and Progress,” and its residents take immense pride in the city’s well-kept aesthetics, adorned with beautiful lawns, trees, and inviting parks. With over 150 businesses catering to both visitors and residents, Holyoke goes beyond the essentials, offering a myriad of amenities. Explore multiple retail stores, catch a film in our historic movie theatre, tee off at the city golf course, and choose from multiple eateries. Embracing a commitment to excellence, Holyoke is home to top-notch education, advanced healthcare facilities, and cutting-edge technology. As the county seat of Phillips County, this city strikes a harmonious balance between progressiveness and tranquility, providing a peaceful haven to relish the finer aspects of life.

Holyoke Colorado

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Holyoke CO Watertower and Skyline
Holyoke CO Arial of Football Game in Phillips County
Holyoke Golf Course in Phillips County
Chrome Show in Phillps County
Paoli Colorado

Paoli, CO

The Town of Paoli offers a serene country living experience, with the towns of Holyoke and Haxtun just nine miles away on either side. With a low cost of living and city services that provide a genuine “country feel,” Paoli is home to a progressive town board, the Paoli Cooperative Elevator, town hall, and several small businesses, including a highly popular clothing boutique. Despite the absence of bars, schools, and town law enforcement, Paoli remains a remarkably peaceful and pleasant community, embodying the charm of tranquil living.

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