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About PCED

Phillips County Economic Development (PCED) is a 501(c)(6) organization founded in 2001 with a steadfast commitment to enhancing the economic fabric of our community. Serving as a catalyst for growth, our mission revolves around fostering economic viability and sustainability in Phillips County. Our primary stakeholders include the Town of Haxtun, the City of Holyoke, the Town of Paoli, Phillips County, as well as businesses, organizations, and private citizens deeply invested in our county’s economic prosperity. At the heart of our operations is a dynamic and diverse nine-member board, each member contributing unique expertise and representing various parts of the county. Together with our dedicated full-time director, we collaboratively steer initiatives and programs that encompass a broad spectrum of industries, ensuring that PCED remains a driving force behind the economic success and resilience of Phillips County.

About Our Annual Membership Drive

Since 2000, PCED has had the privilege of pursuing common economic goals set out by our county’s leadership in both the private and public sectors. We have the pleasure of working collaboratively with our local Chambers of Commerce, area youth and service groups, private businesses, and local governments.

We are a resource driven catalyst that aids in the overall economic growth of Phillips County. We provide resources and information to help create jobs, retain and expand business, and encourage youth apprenticeship and entrepreneur development. Please consider joining our membership and partner with us to continue offering the support that promotes a flourishing economic landscape in Phillips County.

About Our Current Involvement

PCED is actively engaged in steering Phillips County towards a resilient and prosperous future. Through multifaceted initiatives, PCED continues to play a pivotal role in fostering economic development, youth empowerment, and community resilience. Please take a moment to learn more about our most current partnerships and how it can benefit yourself, your business, and other community members. Contact us to get involved!

Rural Action Project

CSU Rural Action Project

As a hosting organization for CSU’s Rural Action Project, PCED will lead conversations between local community members to shape Phillips County’s future with support and funding for impactful projects that address community needs and enhance social bonds.

Roadmap To Recovery

DOLA Roadmap to Recovery

PCED is a proud callaborator on the DOLA Roadmap to Recovery program. Please take a chance to visit our website that outlines the progress that Region 1 Northeast Colorado has been working on including a regional CEDS, Tourism and IHOP Planning Grant.

Youth Entrepeneur Fair And Internship Programs

Youth Intern & E-Fair Programs

PCED proudly partners with Ogallala Commons and local businesses to provide our county’s youth with enriching entrepreneurial experiences and internship opportunities, fostering skill development and community-driven innovation.

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