The communities in Phillips County consider incentives for new and expanding businesses as an investment in the future. Our local governments strive to create a business friendly environment by providing incentives that help minimize the challenges faced when owning a business in rural America.


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Investing In Your Future

Discover a multitude of incentives and programs designed to support your growth and success in Phillips County, Colorado. Whether you’re seeking tax credits, grants, or other financial incentives, we offer a comprehensive array of options to help offset costs and enhance your competitiveness.

Phillips County, the City Holyoke, and the Town of Haxtun can negotiate tax rebates, infrastructure improvements, and other services to stimulate job creation and capital investment. Below you will find the current Economic Development Incentive Policies for our communities.

Phillips County Incentive Policy
City of Holyoke Incentive Policy
Haxtun Economic Development Incentive Policy
Haxtun Town Hall in Phillips County
Melissa Memorial Hospital in Phillips County
Business meeting in Phillips County
Cattle Ranch in Phillips County

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